Mailhost will send a reminder message once a month from each of your subscriptions (unless you have disabled it). That message will contain helpful information about the list including some of the tips below. You can also visit the list information page for useful options, such as unsubscribing from the list. A list information page address looks like this :
Enter the list’s name where LISTNAME appears:

Subscribe & Unsubscribe By Email

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Frequent Questions

Why don’t I see my own messages to a list?
By default, all users’ subscriptions are set to send a copy of your own posts to a list. However, Gmail users will never receive a copy of posts, as Google sees the messages as duplicates. Your message will be in your sent mail. To make sure that your message is delivered, you may wish to change your subscription status to acknowledge the receipt of your messages.

How do I find out what lists I’m on or manage my lists?
Visit to log in to your subscription account.  If you have never created an account, click on 'Sign up' and follow the instructions.  If you already have an account, you can request a password reset.  Once you are logged in, you will see your Affinity Dashboard which will show all your list subscriptions.  Click on one of them to unsubscribe.