Aspen Genealogy Module

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Searching Genealogy Records


When the genealogy module is enabled, the search option 'in Genealogy Records' will appear in your Aspen search bar. As records are added, search facets will be created from the information provided in the records. 

Explore More

Once genealogy records are added, they will start to appear in the 'Explore More' box for related searches. 

Add a Record

1. Switch the search from 'in library catalog' to 'in genealogy records' 

2. Search for the person you want to add. This helps ensure that you're not create duplicates in your system and also gives you the button you need to 'Add Someone New'

Note: you can directly access the form to add new genealogy records by navigating to this URL: {YourAspenURL}/Admin/People?objectAction=addNew 

3. Fill out the form with as much information as you have:

Person Fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Middle Name
  • Maiden Name
  • Other Name
  • Nick Name
  • Veteran Of
  • Birth Date
  • Day  Year 
  • Death Date
  • Age At Death
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Residence
  • Cause of Death

Burial Information:

  • Cemetery
  • Cemetery Location
  • Cemetery Addition
  • Cemetery Block
  • Cemetery Avenue
  • Cemetery Lot
  • Cemetery Grave Number
  • Tombstone Inscription
  • Mortuary

Ledger Information:

  • Ledger Description
  • Ledger Year
  • Ledger Entry

Comments: Additional information for this person's record. These are public and will be visible in the record.

Picture: Upload an image of the individual.

Private Comments: These are for internal use only. This field will not show publicly and will not be searchable.

4. Once created, the record will automatically show in Genealogy Records search results.

Edit a Record, Add a Marriage and/or Obituary

Editing an existing record will allow you to add additional information, add marriage, and/or add obituary.


Clicking the Edit button will allow you to edit the record and fill in any additional form fields.

Add Marriage

Marriage records are attached to a genealogy record and can include the name of the spouse, the date of the marriage, and a free text field for comments.

Add Obituary

Obituary records allow you to record the source and date of the obituary as well as the full text and an image and are also attached to a genealogy record.

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