The WYLD staff hosted a Zoom session on January 26th, 2023 to field questions from library staff about Aspen Discovery. Topics of discussion ranged from customizing browse categories to the availability summary and the user interface for placing copy level holds.

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Meeting chat log:

11:05:56     From  Elizabeth Niles   to   Desiree Saunders(Direct Message) : We have a question about where we can edit the pre-created header lists. (Gillette College Library) - particularly the nursing list that was made for us

11:06:46     From  Desiree Saunders : Hi Elizabeth, those would be the menu links.  We can have Cori show you how to change those.

11:07:28     From  Elizabeth Niles   to   Desiree Saunders(Direct Message) : Thank you!

11:15:02     From  Nicholle Gerharter : Not a question, but just a heads-up. We've noticed that with the increase in visibility in the ability to cancel ILLS and holds, patrons sometimes cancel after the item has already shipped or is already available for them on the hold shelf.

11:16:58     From  Tensleep : Is it possible to show if a book is simply checked out and not hide it under show all copies?

11:17:55     From  Tensleep : for example, secret messenger from ten sleep

11:18:54     From  Tensleep : Yes, we'd prefer a red checked out box on our copy.

11:18:58     From  Tensleep : Ok, thank you

11:19:26     From  Elizabeth Niles : Can we change the wording of "Not owned" to something else so that it is clear that we can get it from somewhere else in the state

11:22:07     From  Elizabeth Niles : ok that helps

11:22:10     From  Elizabeth Niles : thank you

11:23:13     From  Uinta County Library : Will Aspen show due dates? When a book is due for patrons to see?

11:24:21     From  Conrrado Saldivar : I noticed the language toggle at the top isn't translating everything on the page. Is that pulling from words input by Bywater, or do they offer a way to use a 3rd party to translate more than what's currently being translated?

11:24:22     From  Nicholle Gerharter : Thanks for the explanation

11:24:22     From  Tensleep : Is there a timeline for public notes to become visible?

11:24:47     From  Christopher Murry : Can the item record URL be considered a permalink?

11:25:17     From  Cori -WYLD :

11:27:48     From  Conrrado Saldivar : Great, thanks! Happy to provide feedback :)

11:27:59     From  Shantry : Thanks, Conrrado!

11:28:03     From  S Caywood : Sometimes Aspen says an item is checked out when it is on order at the library. An example is Offbeat: 100 amazing places at Sheridan library - in search results it shows a yellow "checked out" label when it is still on order. Is there a reason this would happen?

11:28:49     From  Tensleep : Thanks!

11:30:38     From  Shantry :

11:32:14     From  Shantry :

11:35:09     From  S Caywood : Thank you!

11:35:27     From  Cori -WYLD :

11:35:48     From  Cori -WYLD : Status on Search Results Display

11:47:54     From  Becky Voss : The reason it might not be placing the hold is because you had chosen Northwest College and we used to have a block on patrons placing holds.

11:49:29     From  Uinta County Library : Can we through the admin side do anything to show our three libraries with available books without kicking one library off? For example searching "Michael vey the prisoner of cell 25" it shows our shelf copy and our storage copy. You have to click show all copies to see the three libraries and their available books.

11:59:10     From  Rebecca Chavez : I clicked into the Primary Configuration/Library systems for CWC and I am not seeing all of these options.

11:59:48     From  Rebecca Chavez : menu links are not on my page

12:04:55     From  Cori -WYLD :

12:05:18     From  Cori -WYLD : This is the link to all of the URLs for WYLD libraries