Aspen Skills Checklist

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Minimum Requirements

  1. Understand that 'Aspen' is the name of the ByWater product and WYLDcat is the name used by the Wyoming library community to refer to the Aspen catalog as customized by the State Library for the WYLD Network. 
  2. Know how to access the library's public access catalog
  3. Understand that local customizations make each library system's catalog unique
  4. Know how to find other libraries' Aspen sites for ideas
  5. Understand how to navigate and use browse categories in the online catalog
  6. Know how to perform a search, both simple and advanced
  7. Know how to select Search Limits from the drop-down menu
  8. Know how to access help files (FreshDesk knowledge base)
  9. Understand how relevancy ranking, keyword searching, and the grouped works display affect search results
  10. Know how to use facets to narrow searches by including and excluding terms such as Author, Subject, Language, Shelf Location, Audience, etc
  11. Know how to use availability and grouped work format toggles (top of search results) to expand or limit searches
  12. Understand that each library's choices and order of facets may very depending on local customizations
  13. Know how to retrieve item details such as the location (call number) and availability
  14. Know how to retrieve additional information through 'Show All Copies', 'Show Editions'
  15. Know how to search for digital materials, such as eBooks and eAudiobooks
  16. Be able to find and view summaries, reviews, etc. and the staff view (through 'More Info') 
  17. Know how to use the search tools such as Save Search, Export to Excel, etc. 
  18. Know how to place holds and make interlibrary loan requests
  19. Know how to access My Account and what options are there, including how to enable checkout history, manage holds and checked out materials. 
  20. Know how to create and retrieve lists
  21. Know how to access My Account and Digital Library Card


  1. Know that the WYLDcat is also known as Aspen LiDA
  2. Know how to access the library catalog app
  3. Know how to search within the WYLDcat App for materials
  4. Understand how to navigate and use browse categories in the WYLDcat app
  5. Know how to manage the WYLDcat App preferences

Intermediate Requirements

  1. Understand placards, what they are, how they are used and appear in the catalog
  2. Know how to use the Google Form to contact the WYLD office about grouped work and other record issues.
  3. Understand Patron Charge History in WorkFlows and how those settings affect the user experience in Aspen
  4. Understand messaging system in Aspen including how patron can enable and disable these options within Aspen > My Account
  5. Understand how to check for the latest App version
  6. Know how to update LiDA app if not latest version
  7. Know how to enable, disable, and manage Aspen charge history
  8. Know how to Preview eBooks and eAudiobooks in the catalog
  9. Be familiar with patron self-editing features available in My Account such as My Preferences, Linked Accounts, and Contact Information

Expert Requirements

  1. Know how to access the admin login
  2. Know how to customize your library's Aspen catalog, see additional FreshDesk Articles on Aspen 
  3. Understand how to create browse categories, placards, and menu links. 
  4. Know how to modify the look of Aspen (themes).
  5. Know how add, remove, and edit branch addresses and hours. 
  6. Be familiar with with Linking to Aspen sections about links to your Aspen catalog and creating search forms.
  7. Know how to contact the WYLD Office about patron registration features, issues, and other admin level assistance

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