From Search Results

  1. Leave the search box blank*, then click Search (performing a blank search retrieves all results in the catalog)
  2. Use the "Narrow Your Results" search facets to select the items you want to show in your browse category
  3. You can also change the Sort By drop down menu to reflect the order you want materials to be seen 
  4. When you have completed narrowing your results select click on Search Tools and select Add to Browse (you will need to be logged into your Admin account to see this option)
  5. Choose Create New (For Update existing see Managing Browse Categories)
  6. Name your category
    1. If this category is meant to be a subcategory, choose the correct browse category for the sub category to nest beneath 
  7. Click Create Category
  8. Return to the main page of your catalog to see your new browse category

As new items are added to the catalog that fit the parameters of your search and filters, your browse categories will be updated accordingly. 

*You can also search for a specific topic then filter your results to create a browse category. 

From Lists

  1. Click on your username
  2. Select Lists from the drop down options
  3. Click on the list you want to use for your browse category
  4. If your list is still set to Private, click the Edit button
  5. Switch access to Public
  6. Click Add To Browse
  7. Name your category 
  8. Click Create Category to finish

Browse Categories created from lists will only update when the list is updated. 

Adding Sub Browse Categories

In addition to the main browse categories you can also create sub categories that nest underneath. 

  1. Using a blank search or the already created browse category search, narrow down your results until the limits fit your needs for the subcategory.
  2. Click on Search Tools at the top right of the search results
  3. Select Add to Browse
  4. Choose Create New
  5. Name your Subcategory
  6. Under 'Add as a Sub-Category to' choose the correct main browse category to nest this sub category underneath
  7. To finish click "Create Category"