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SymphonyWeb is the browser-based version of WorkFlows that is available for an additional licensing fee for libraries.  Although most features of WorkFlows are replicated in SymphonyWeb, there are some wizards and functions that are not available.  Contact the WYLD Office if you are interested in using SymphonyWeb.


Works in Chrome and Firefox

Times out after approximately 30 minutes of inactivity

As in regular Workflows, you can set tabbed windows. Preference > Desktop > Desktop Setup 

No color selection

No offline backup

No library calendar

No customized toolbar

To access wizards not in the default toolbar:

  1. Click on Wizards at the top of the screen. 
  2. Click on All Wizards or My Wizards.
  3. Click on the Toolbar you want.
  4. Click on the wizard you want. That wizard becomes available in a new tab. You can not set properties in this temporarily added wizard.


Not all property settings are pre-set; you will have to set them.  

Example: SmartPort properties are not set.


Can’t add multiples of the same wizard in the tabbed view.

Example: no multiple instances of Checkout wizard. 


When you can get the double arrows to expand the hit list headings, they don’t expand the columns. Example: Can’t expand the length of the Title column to see more of the title.


In the Item Search and Display wizard, after you’ve retrieved a hit list and selected the desired title and clicked on Detailed Display, when you click on the Return to Search button, the search string in the SEARCH FOR entry is not highlighted as it is in regular Workflows. 


In the Cataloging toolbar, when viewing a bibliographic record in the SmartPort wizard, you can copy and paste text from the SmartPort record into the record in Modify Title only after capturing the SmartPort record. In regular Workflows you can copy and paste tag text from the SmartPort record without capturing it.


If your SymphonyWeb session times out and you have an error message when trying to log back in. Close the browser tab and re-link to Symphony Web.


You can print receipts but doing so opens the receipt in a browser window and creates the receipt on a full length page instead of just the length the receipt would normally be printed.  You also need to select the printer from the list of Windows printers configured on your pc, unlike Workflows where you can select the receipt printer under the configuration properties. 

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