WYLDcat on Aspen - 'Going Live'

Modified on Tue, 14 Mar 2023 at 11:15 AM

All WYLD libraries are live on Aspen as of February 1, 2023

Access to Enterprise will remain until later in 2023, but some features have been disabled.

Your library website may have links to Enterprise that should be updated to your new Aspen site when you are ready.  These will include:

  • Any link that points to https://wyld.ent.sirsi.net/client/en_US/(your Enterprise profile)
  • Direct links to the catalog from any web page
  • Forms that launch a search in the library catalog
  • Bookmarks on staff and patron computers
  • Links in marketing materials and images (including links that point to the app store for BLUEcloud Mobile)
  • Links that launch a search from other, library-related sites like LibGuides
  • Links from databases that point to resources in your catalog
  • Remove any links to WYLDcat Mobile (BLUEcloud Mobile) and replace them with links to the new WYLDcat app using LiDA after it becomes available
  • Update your website to use the new WYLDcat logo
  • A marketing kit is available at https://library.wyo.gov/wyldcat-marketing-kit/
  • If you have a domain name alias set up for your DNS to redirect from your library domain to Enterprise, you will need to update that to point to Aspen instead.  

Staff training opportunities will be offered on a regular basis, and you can view the Patron Experience Training and view the FreshDesk article with links to patron-related help from ByWater at your convenience.  See also this Aspen Adminstrator training for staff who will be managing their library's Aspen catalog.

Sample Press Release language:

INSERT LIBRARY NAME will soon have [OR has] a brand new look for its library catalog.

The library is updating to [OR has updated to] Aspen Discovery for WYLDcat to enhance and

enrich the patron experience.

Aspen makes searching for books and resources easier, pulling all library resources together in

one search. Patrons can create and share lists of materials and online content or peruse curated

lists created by local library staff. Readers can easily find a title in every format available, read

book reviews, and even rate items and see how others rated them. If a book or other item is

unavailable, a “While you wait” feature offers suggestions for similar titles. These are examples

of the many features in Aspen.

“We’re incredibly excited about the launch of Aspen Discovery for our patrons,” said NAME,

JOB TITLE. “Searching for just the right book, audiobook, or other item or resource will be

easier and more intuitive. Aspen opens up finding just the right title in just the right format, when

you want.”

Aspen Discovery will launch [OR launched] INSERT DATE. Access the new LIBRARY

NAME catalog at INSERT URL. For assistance, contact the library at CONTACT

INFORMATION or visit the website at INSERT URL.

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