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Modified on Tue, 25 Apr 2023 at 04:18 PM

These are issues that have either been identified as bugs, or are features that are in current development.  To report other issues or questions you may have please open a FreshDesk ticket or email WYLD support.

Patron Registration

*We are working with ByWater to try to improve the formatting and placement of patron information in the records that are created in WorkFlows during the user registration process. 

The field "Primary Phone" in the Aspen form is mapped to the incorrect field ("HOMEPHONE") in WorkFlows:

The "Primary Phone" field should be mapped to the "PHONE" field. Because it is currently mapped to "HOMEPHONE", the phone number will not display with the rest of the address information on the main screen of the user record in the Display User wizard:

The phone number will display, however, in the Modify User wizard:

This issue is currently in development. A current workaround is to copy the phone number to the "PHONE" field under Address 1. If the phone number is in the "PHONE" field, it will display with the rest of the address information on the main screen of the user record in the Display User wizard. 

Searching - No periodical title search. ByWater Development is looking at trying to create a periodical title search for us.  In the meantime, the user can do a keyword search and then limit by format type periodical using facets.

Search Results - Hoopla - Hoopla Flex titles do not show in Aspen.  Hoopla Flex integration is not included in the regular integration for Hoopla content and requires new development work between ByWater and Hoopla.

Search Results - Format categories break down eBook and Book, but eAudio is included in the 'Audiobook' category. To reduce confusion, we have renamed the Audiobook category to Audio + eAudio.  To limit results to eAudio only, select the facet for eContent collection'OverDrive' or 'Hoopla' (if applicable) or use the format facet on the left to limit to eAudiobook. You can also use the 'lock' feature on the format facet to limit future results to the chosen facet.  WYLD has submitted a request to have this design choice reviewed.

Search Results - 'Title not Available' showing for titles that are in brackets.  This has been reported to development.

Access Online button
-  When only one 856 is present, and it's a library-specific URL, it's not clear that access is restricted to certain users (e.g., a user needs to log in to a college proxy to access). When a library has an ONLINEDOC item attached to a record whose 856 field presents an Access Online button, an Online Document format shows in addition to an Online Content format. 

Item Display- Due Date - The due date for checked out items does not display (Development request)

Item Display - Public Notes - Public notes do not display.  Symphony stores the item, staff, and circ notes in the same place in the records.  During the testing phase we turned on the ability to see the public notes, but that resulted in staff notes showing as well.  We are currently suppressing all notes and have asked for development to try to only show the public notes in the catalog.

ILL/VDX - If  a user places more than one request for the same title, all requests after the first one will end up in "Idle/Check Manual" in VDX with a note that it is a potential duplicate request. This is different than the process in Enterprise. In Enterprise, VDX would communicate with Symphony, which allowed us to block duplicate requests before they went to VDX. VDX requests are sent directly to VDX from Aspen. Therefore, there is not a way to block duplicate requests before they go to VDX.  

eCommerce - Pro-Pay is not supported

Mobile App (LiDa) - The app does not currently support fine payment.  *Spanish translation is available with the 23.04 release. 

Cover art and Catalog enrichment - If a cover image or related content is incorrect,  Use this form to report an incorrect image

Invalid Author- Author hyperlink in research results summary returns an error 'invalid author'. This happens when the item is not owned by the searching catalog (e.g Searching in Natrona's catalog but Natron does not own the item). This is a bug that Aspen is aware of and actively working to fix. 


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