Minimum Requirements

  1. Know the General Skills and be signed up for the appropriate distribution list.
  2. Understand the basic functions of reserve room wizards. 
  3. Be able to charge, renew, and discharge reserve material.
  4. Be able to change due dates.
  5. Be able to process fines.
  6. Understand how reserve materials are displayed in WYLDcat.
  7. Be able to search for reserve room materials in WYLDCat.
  8. Know how to access context sensitive online helps.
  9. Know when to contact the WYLD Office for assistance.

Intermediate Requirements

  1. Know how to verify library specific reserve desk session settings.
  2. Know how to set the checkout wizard properties to allow reserve material(s) charges.
  3. Understand reserve room status relationships, individual instructor/course records and reserve copy statuses.
  4. Know how to create, edit and remove course information, instructor and reserve control record records.
  5. Know how to create, maintain and remove temporary MARC bibliographic records for reserve desk and electronic reserve desk materials.
  6. Know how to create, edit and link reserve item records.
  7. Understand how circulation rules govern loan periods and fines for reserve materials.
  8. Know the difference between removing an entire reserve record and removing an item from the reserve desk. See the article Removing Reserves.

Expert Requirements

  1. Know how to change existing MARC bibliographic records to reserve status and return to regular circulation status when Reserve is no longer required. 
  2. Recognize institution specific circulation rules and correctly apply them to Reserve item(s).
  3. Know how to use reports to update reserve information and statuses.
  4. Know how to run usage and information reports and notices.

reviewed November 2021

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