Cataloging Skills Checklist

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Requirements for Adding Items

  1. Identify appropriate record (monograph vs. serial, author, title, publisher, copyright date, physical description, etc.)
  2. Understand the components of the bibliographic record and its corresponding item records.
  3. Understand proper use of subfield z ( |z ). See Subfield Z in Call Numbers.
  4. Know how to add or remove items.
  5. Understand and effectively use item notes.

Minimum Cataloging Requirements

  1. Know the General Skills and be signed up for the appropriate distribution list.
  2. Know how to access training materials and documentation for Cataloging and Serials.
  3. Be aware of cataloging standards: Resource Description and Access (RDA), Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD), OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards, Library of Congress Subject Headings, and the WYLD Cataloging Standards.
  4. Be familiar with the WYLD Technical Support page.
  5. Be able to recognize and report duplicate bibliographic records to your local supervisor or to the WYLD office.
  6. Verify and correct (if necessary) fixed fields.
  7. Verify and correct (if necessary) the bibliographic description.
  8. Understand the implications of shadowing records.
  9. Configure SmartPort settings in order to display or import records from LC or OCLC. See SmartPort Property Settings.
  10. Display or import records from LC or OCLC and be able to overlay existing temporary records, such as vendor records and on-the-fly records, with records from LC or OCLC.
  11. Assign call numbers based on the SirsiDynix classification scheme(s) used by your library. Be familiar with the “List the Catalog by Call Number” helper or how to browse your library’s shelflist.
  12. Know how to create and delete a MARC holdings record. See Creating MARC Holdings Records and Removing MARC Holdings Records.
  13. Know how to access context-sensitive online help in Symphony for instructions.
  14. Know when to contact the WYLD office for assistance.

Expert Cataloging Requirements

  1. Identify duplicate records and transfer your library’s holdings using the Transfer Titles, Call Numbers and Items wizard, also known as the Transfers wizard. See Transfer Call Number from One Bibliographic Record to Another.
  2. For general information on RDA, see RDA Information for WYLD Libraries. Instructions on how to add RDA tags are provided there and in Elements for RDA tags 336 (Content Type), 337 (Media Type), & 338 (Carrier Type).
  3. Know how to locate and resolve temporary (on-the-fly) records that need to either be removed, enhanced to Level 2 of Bibliographic Description (AACR2R) or enhanced for Core Elements (RDA) according to Appendix D of the WYLD Cataloging Standards, or overlaid with records from LC or OCLC.
  4. Be familiar with serials in order to correctly maintain serial items and bibliographic records. See Periodical Linking & Serial Control Skills Checklist.
  5. Understand and manage bibliographic reports. See Reports Skills Checklist.
  6. Inventory items, if applicable.
  7. Know which subject headings to retain or remove. See Subject Headings to Retain or Remove.
  8. Know how to use the "Validate Headings" helper to find correct authorized headings. See Authority Records - Validating Headings in Bibliographic Records.
  9. Know how to create consistent series headings.
  10. Know how to find SirsiDynix manuals on the support portal (login required).

Additional Resources

YouTube Tutorials on RDA

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