WYLD/VDX ILL Lender Queue Processing

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Suggested Work Procedure for WYLD/VDX Interlibrary Lender Queue Processing
(These are your library’s items that other people wish to borrow).

  1. Open and minimize a Symphony Workflows session.
  2. Log onto VDX.
  3. Processing new request (These have a status of In-Process in your Lender work queue.)
    1. From the VDX session
      1. Click on the reports button on the left-hand side of the screen.
      2. Select the Standard Pick List report by clicking in the radio button to the left of the report title.  Do not enter any dates for this report.
      3. Click Submit.
      4. Print the Report by clicking the Print icon on the toolbar.
    2. From the WYLDCAT session
      1. Check the availability of each item requested on your pick list by using the
        Item Search and Display Wizard. Note the items that are not
        available for loaning.  Retrieve the items you are going to loan from the shelves.
      2. Checkout the items out to your FDILL profiled patron.
    3. From the VDX session
      1. Access your Lender Queue by clicking the Request
        button and clicking on Lender.
        (The Lender Queue may also be accessed from the Reports button by clicking Reports, clicking the Lender Queue report and click submit.)
      2. Click on In Process.
      3. Action request that you are supplying with "Shipped" and click Submit.
      4. Supply any additional information such as a due date or note.
      5. Click Submit.
      6. Click on the Request button again.
      7. Click on LENDER.
      8. To action your remaining IN PROCESS requests, click the number under waiting.
        These requests are requests that you did not action "shipped". 
      9. Apply the appropriate action to the request and Click Submit. (i.e. Action
        Non-Supply if you are unable to fill the request)
      10. Once you have "actioned" all of the In Process request, Click on Reports.
      11. Select the Standard Shipping List Report by clicking on the radio button to the left of the report name.
      12. Click Submit.
      13. Print the Shipping List Report using the Print icon on the toolbar.
      14. Attach the book bands to the items.  Place the return-mailing label inside the item.
      15. Mail the items
  4. When items you loaned are returned to you:
    1. From the VDX session
      1. Access your Lender queue.
      2. Click on the number under waiting with the status of "shipped".
      3. Each returned request should be actioned ‘Checked-In’ when the loaned item is
        delivered back to your library. This action triggers the auto-complete process. Auto-complete
        will automatically remove the request from the Borrower and Lender work queues.
    2. From the Workflows session
      1. Remove the ‘transit’ status from each returned item by Discharging with the
        Discharge/Checkin Wizard or by receiving each item with the
        Transit Wizard.
      2. The items are now ready to be shelved and the ILL process is complete.

Note: Using the Bulk Action Feature allows you to apply an action or authorization status to a group of requests without having to handle each request individually.  Remember the action or authorization status and any additional information included with the bulk action will apply to all the requests marked "Bulk Action".

To use the bulk action shortcut

  • Click the Bulk action box to the right of each request you wish to include in the process. 
  • Click the submit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Include any additional information and click Submit.

This is very useful for actioning items non-supply, returned, received or shipped if all items being shipped will have the same due date or no due date.

Please contact the WYLD office if you have further questions.

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