WYLD Technote : Instruction for Serials Check-in

General Instructions on How to Check In Serial Issues

The Check In Serial Issues wizard, found in the group of Serials wizards, is the first wizard under Common Tasks

Before using this wizard for the first time, right click on the wizard and set the properties. For assistance refer to the Technote on Serials Wizards Property Settings.

Search for the title

Different windows will display depending on how you search

A periodical title search in all libraries may retrieve a title hit list from which you have to select the title

A periodical title search in your library will retrieve that title and, if other libraries also own that title, a display of serials control records associated with that title

A search in your library for your serials control number retrieves a direct hit on your library’s serials control record for that title. You must include the dash in the control number.

If a list of control record numbers is retrieved, select the one for your library and click the Check In Issues button

If special instructions have been created for the title, a window will appear like the one below. Click the OK button

If the issue you received matches the issue shown in the NEXT ISSUE tab, click the Check In Now button

If you indicated in the Distribution tab of the serials control record that you were going to add copies, and if you are going to manually scan a barcode for the item, you should get a prompt to enter the Item ID (barcode)

If you do not get the prompt allowing you to scan a barcode, make sure that the box is NOT checked for the Auto Create Copies for Received Issues in the Behavior tab of the Property Settings for the serials Check In wizard

Scan the barcode to automatically add an item record for this issue for circulation. Click on the down arrow to select the option for an auto-generated barcode instead. Click the OK button to continue.

Clicking on the Holding Code Displays the Glossary describing the values associated with that code

 A routing slip has been generated for this title. Click Print Helper to print the routing slip.

To get a routing slip, you must: 

1. In Circulation, allow routing on the user card

2. Specify user names in the Routing tab of the serials control record

3. Set the option to Print Routing Lists for Received Issues in the Behavior tab of the Property settings of the Check In wizard

An auto-generated barcode has been created for this item record. Click the OK button.

Click the Next Issue button to check in another issue of the same title or click the New Search button to search another title

If the issue received does not match the expected issue, choose the Different Issue button and choose the appropriate button to check in the different issue