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RDA is the cataloging standard that replaced the AACR2 cataloging rules. RDA stands for 'Resource Description and Access'

Creating and Editing RDA Tags in Workflows

RDA tags have been added to configuration files of the six primary record formats in WYLD. MAP, MARC, MRDF (Software), MUSIC (sound recordings), SERIAL, VM (visual materials — DVDs). RDA tags on records in Workflows are now recognized by the system and can be edited or added to older records.

If you used to delete the 264 tag and copy the information from that tag into a 260 tag, you should stop doing that now. The 264 tag displays in Enterprise with different labels depending on the value of the indicator for that tag. Mostly you’ll see the labels for Publication (indicator 1) and Copyright date (indicator 4), but other possibilities are Production (indicator zero), Distribution (indicator 2), and Manufacture (indicator 3). You may see multiple 264 tags on a single bib record.

Documentation and Examples

Other common RDA tags are 336, 337, 338. If these tags are already on a bib record, they can’t be edited, however these tags may all be repeated on the same record as long as they aren’t identical to those tags already on the record.

336, 337, 338 tags can be added to records but the manner in which that is done is a little different from what you are used to unless you’ve created 007 tags. These tags (336, 337, 338) are coded tags which means only specific information can be added to them. Since these are unfamiliar tags for most of us, the coded tag option means that you will be prompted for the subfields and the contents of most of those subfields. Not all subfields of these tags need to be used. For instance, in the MARC format for printed material (books), generally only subfields a and 2 are completed, sometimes subfield b is included. Subfield b is more likely to be included in the 336, 337, 338 tags for the MRDF format for software. Depending on which tag it is, this subfield b is a 1-3 character code. See this support article for help with adding coded tags to bibliographic records.

Other RDA tags are 344, 345, 346, and 347. These tags can be added and edited to our records and can appear more than once on a bib record. These tags refer to sound and video characteristics of the material so they appear primarily on records for sound recordings or visual materials like DVDs.

If you are updating older bibliographic records to RDA cataloging, be sure to update the Fixed Field as well as adding the new coded and/or variable fields.

For Fixed Field and Variable Field changes, refer to this page on the Cataloger's Reference Shelf website.

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