Identifying Ingram On Order Records

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WYLD Cataloging Technote : Identifying Ingram On Order Records

Order records are not intended to be a permanent record that is retained in WYLD. It is the responsibility of the ordering library to merge duplicate order records to the more complete record.

Order records from Ingram

On order records from Ingram cause duplicate bibliographic records just as other on order records do.

Ingram order records can be identified by the 001 tag which begins with a lower case “in” before the number. Example: in501949591

Another identifier is that the title (245 tag) is in all UPPER CASE. Example: A LOVE TRANSFORMED

Example of the Ingram order record for this title:

These order records have an ISBN (020 tag) that may also be on another record in WYLD. Unless that ISBN is the title control number in the Control tab, the incoming order record won’t find the existing WYLD record so a duplicate bib record is created.

When the item is received by the ordering library, that library should search WYLD thoroughly enough to determine if there are duplicate bib records for that title. A search on title and/or ISBN will reveal the duplicate records. 

In the case of this title, a duplicate bibliographic record was found. The first record on the above hitlist is the full OCLC record for this title. The order record is the title displaying in all upper case.

Order records are not intended to be the permanent record that is retained in WYLD. It is the responsibility of the ordering library to transfer their items to a more complete record or to overlay on order records with a more complete record. If other libraries have added holdings to the order record, this duplicate record should be reported to the WYLD Office so the duplicate records can be merged. However, if the ordering library has the only holdings on the order record, that library can transfer its holdings to the more complete record without contacting the WYLD Office. The transfer process will automatically delete the order record when the order holding is transferred to the fuller record. Instructions to transfer holdings can be found in the Cataloging Technotes.

If help is needed with this process, contact the WYLD Database Manager.

The library should change its order call number and dummy barcode to its actual holdings information on the more complete bib record. Edit the order call number; do not create a new holding while leaving the xx call number still on the bib record.

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