Creating a MARC Holdings Record for Serials Summary Holdings Statements

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WYLD Serials Technote : Creating a MARC holdings record for a serials summary holdings statement.

The 866 tag of the MARC holdings record creates the display of information for the WULP (Wyoming Union List of Periodicals). This same holdings information displays when the record is retrieved in WYLDCAT. The MARC holdings information displays between the bibliographic record and the display of barcoded issues.

If your library creates serials control records, you create the MARC holdings statement while creating or modifying a serials control record. 

To add a MARC holdings record as part of the serials control record, the process is outlined in the technote: "Create a Serials Control"

Instructions are provided here as well. Create a serials control record or retrieve an existing serials control record.

1. To create the MARC holdings record, click on the MARC holdings tab of the serials control record.

2. Click on the Sub-wizard to open a window with the option for selecting the library for new MARC holdings record.

3. Clicking the OK button after the library has been selected results in the following display.

4. If you don’t know what holding location to enter in the 852 tag, click on the Helper, shown above, to see a drop down listing of available holding locations.


5. After selecting one, click the OK button.

6. Highlight "REQUIRED FIELD" that appears directly after the subfield c in the 852 tag. Click on EDIT in the Menu bar and select Paste.

7. The selected holding code will be pasted into the 852 tag replacing "Required field". **Note: If you decide to type in the holding code instead of pasting it in from the drop down list, the location must be in UPPER CASE.

8. Enter the summary holdings statement in the 866 tag. With the cursor on the 866, hit the tab key once. Hit the space bar once. Type a zero. Hit the tab key again to move the cursor to the text area. Enter the summary holdings information in UPPER CASE as shown below. 

9. Note there are two 866 tags in the above illustration. If additional 866 tags are desired, right click on one of the existing tags to reveal the drop down options to add a new tag. Select where you want the new tag to appear. A new blank tag line will appear in the location selected. Enter the 866 tag number and complete the tag line as described in number 8 above. 

10. Click the Save button to save the information in the MARC Holdings Record. 

11. Click the Close button to close the MARC Holdings Record. 

12. After the MARC holdings record has been created it must be linked to the serials control record. To link the MARC holdings record, click on the Helper shown below. 

13. Click on the box next to your library. 

14. Click the Link to Holdings Record button as shown below. 

15. If finished with changes to the serials control record, click the Close button in the serials control record to close it.

It is possible to add a MARC holdings record without entering it in a serials control record. This option is useful if a library doesn't use the serials wizards but wants a summary holdings statement so WYLDCAT users will know the library owns a specific periodical title. (Link a dummy item record to the title as well to prompt its display in WYLDCAT for your library.) Adding the MARC holdings record is also helpful if a library no longer receives a title but is retaining older issues and wants users to know the range of holdings that library still has.

To add a MARC holdings record without entering it in a serials control record, follows these steps: 

1. Retrieve the title using the Modify Title wizard in the group of Title Maintenance wizards.

2. Click on the MARC Holdings tab.

3. If your library isn’t the default as the library for which to add holdings, select your library from the drop down menu. 

4. Click the Add Holdings button. 

5. Follows steps 3-11 in the previous section. The same template is used whether creating the MARC holdings record within a serials control record or within the Modify Title wizard. 

6. Close the Modify Title wizard. 


Field Description
1st indicator
2nd indicator
Field Delimiters
Data to be input in field
852a blank spacea blank space|c - Shelving location
Valid location policy|cPERIODICAL
Textual holdings866a blank space0 (a zero)

(indicates non-standard type of notation)

General information, e.g. range of years, start date, general holdings statements1998-CURRENT




1990-2000 ; 1995 ISSUES INCOMPLETE

MICROFICHE 1995-2001

Examples:852 _ _ |cPERIODICAL
866 _ 0 1990-2000 - 1995 ISSUES INCOMPLETE

852 _ _ |cPERIODICAL
866 _ 0 1998-CURRENT

852 _ _ |cPERIODICAL
866 _ 0 MICROFICHE 1998-2000

852 _ _ |cREFERENCE
866 _ 0 MICROFICHE 1990-2001

Use separate 852 location statements if you are describing holdings in more than one location

Use separate 866 textual holdings statements if you want holdings to display in a separate line

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