Overlaying Records Using SmartPort

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WYLD Cataloging Technote : Overlaying Records Using SmartPort

The process of overlaying a record already in WYLD affects only the original WYLD bibliographic record . The original holdings on that bibliographic record are not affected by the overlay process.

1.  Find the record in Workflows that you want to overlay. Make sure it is the last record you’ve viewed. 

2. Access SmartPort in Workflows by clicking on the SmartPort wizard. Select OCLC or LC and click the Connect button. If connecting to OCLC, authentication is required by entering your library’s assigned user logon and password separated from each other by a slash /

Example: 100302599/carrots

Search and Select a Bibliographic Record in SmartPort 

1. Enter the search string and click on the Search button. 

2. Highlight a record to view and click the Display button. 

Viewing Search Results in SmartPort 

1. Review the record. Use the scroll bar to view additional lines of the record. To view another record, use the arrow helpers to move through the list one record at a time. Click the Close button to return to the Search window if no record is acceptable. 

Capturing a Record Using SmartPort 

1. To capture a record: After viewing a record and selecting it for import into WYLD, click the Capture button.

The window shown below appears:


2. Click on the radio button next to the option to “Replace current record” shown at right above. The Replace Current Record option overlays the bibliographic record that was most recently viewed in WorkFlows. 

3. Click the OK button.

NOTE: The options displayed in this Capture window are set in the Properties of the SmartPort wizard. If saved in the Properties, the other options here will be retained.

SmartPort Error when Overlaying 

1. If no record was searched in Workflows, SmartPort will respond to the request to “Replace current record” by offering this error message: No record available to replace.

2. Click the OK button in response to this error message.

3. To avoid this error message, open a new tab and retrieve the WYLD record you want to overlay. 

Capture SmartPort Record for Import into WYLD

1. Click on the SmartPort tab to access SmartPort again. You will be returned to the same window you left, the Capture window with the “Replace current record” option still selected. 

2. Click the OK button at the bottom of the Capture window.

3. A confirmation window , shown at left, will display confirming the title of the record in Workflows that will be overlaid. 

4. Verify that this is the correct title. 

5. Click the Replace button. If it is not the correct record, click the Cancel button to abort the overlay process.

Importing the Record Through SmartPort 

1. The incoming record has not yet been added to WYLD. Edit the record as needed. Use the helpers at the top of the window to add missing entries or delete unwanted entries. 

2. Click the Save button to save the record and add it to the WYLD database.

Holdings on that original record are still attached to the newly overlaid record. Add new copies only if you didn’t have copies on the original record that was overlaid. Copies should be added using the Call Number and Item Maintenance wizard.

3. If the record should not be saved to WYLD, click the Close button to abort the import process.

Note: If continuing to work in SmartPort to bring new records into WYLD, be aware that the Capture window does not automatically change back to the “Match and load option.” It retains the “Replace current record” option until you change it yourself by clicking on the radio button next to “Match and load.” If you close SmartPort and open it again, the Capture window will revert to the “Match and load“ setting.

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