The quality of the output for this report varies. The reports with the best results are the “List” reports, such as the List Transits and List Charges reports.

1. When running a report, under the Print tab select Output format: XML.  


2, When you open the report under the Finished Reports wizard, uncheck the "Format report" box, and click "OK".


3. Depending on your settings, the XML file will probably open up in a text editor, like Notepad, and then in an Internet Browser.



4. In Excel, under the Developer tab, select "Import".  

5. The file should be in the temporary folder in the Workflows folder on your computer’s C drive. The path should be something like this:


If you do not have the Developer tab in Excel, click on the File tab, select "Options", then "Customize Ribbon".

6. When you open the file, this pop-up will appear, click "OK".


7. Excel will then give you the option to open up the table in the existing worksheet or new worksheet. After you make your selection, click "OK".


8. Your data will look something like this: