WYLD Cataloging Standards

Modified on Mon, 28 Nov 2022 at 03:56 PM

The WYLD Network Governance Contract stipulates that members agree to "Provide, maintain, and share bibliographic data according to standards and guidelines for database quality, as set forth in the Database Guidelines" (now Standards). 

The WYLD Governing Board accepted previous editions (1995, 2005) under the title WYLD Database Guidelines.

The third edition was assembled and reviewed 2015-2016 by the WYLD Online Quality Committee and accepted by the WYLD Governing Board in 2017.

Bobbi Thorpe, WYLD Database Manager, primary editorial responsibility.

Susan Mark, WSL Publications Specialist, formatting.

Marci Mock, Sheridan County Library, WYLD President

Cara Nett, Laramie County Library, Committee Chair

Draft amendments from the Online Quality Committee in 2022:

Page 20

Annual publications should now be cataloged on individual records for each year of the publication, rather than being attached to a single serial record. Examples of annual publications include travel guides such as Fodor's, record books such as Guinness Book of World Records, cookbooks such as Taste of Home Annual Recipes, and collection books such as as U.S. Coin Digest.

According to this amendment, if you receive the 2022 edition of Fodor's Essential Germany, you would attach your item to a record specifically for only the 2022 edition, cataloging it like a book. Then if you receive the 2023 edition, you would attach that item to a record specifically for only the 2023 edition. These two items will be on separate records instead of being on a serial record, and you will no longer need to use subfield z in your call numbers when they are attached to an edition-specific record.

Note: The practice for true serials, such as magazines, journals, and newspapers, remains the same. You should continue to attach new items to the serial record and use subfield z in the call numbers.

Pages 23-24

"Multiple titles for book club discussion groups" should no longer be added in a 490 field or an 830 field when creating book club kit records. The series fields should now be used only for actual series information.

Page 40

WYLD libraries are no longer encouraged to retain 60 issues or less on a single serial record. Libraries may retain as many issues as they would like on a single serial record. If a concern about this change arises, the Online Quality Committee will re-evaluate this amendment.

Page 51

Federal/state/local documents should now catalog all tangible formats on individual records specific to the format, rather than attaching non-print formats, such as microform, to print records. Also, tangible formats should no longer be attached to electronic records when the document is now available online only.

Print federal/state/local documents should continue to be attached to print records. CDs, microform, and other tangible documents should now be attached to CD, microform, and other tangible format records.

Electronic federal/state/local documents should still be attached to print records with an 856 field included when a print record exists in WYLD. If there is no print record in WYLD and the library adding the record only has electronic holdings, an electronic record should be used.


Library of Things Records: While WYLD libraries typically share records whenever possible, Library of Things records are an exception. Libraries should use the Library of Things template in WorkFlows (title control #a2495467) to create a record specific to their item(s). All WYLD libraries share the template, so the template must be duplicated, not edited. Libraries should not share Library of Things records. If you would like an image to show in the online catalog, send the title control number and image to the WYLD office.

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