Indexed and Searchable Fields of the MARC Record for Keyword Searching in Workflows*


Every record in the SirsiDynix Symphony database has standard entry tags. SirsiDynix Symphony allows one or more MARC entry tags to be represented with an index synonym name. The search can be limited to certain fields and entries within a bibliographic record without typing several entry tags. Search the General index by entering the search term followed by the keyword index synonym enclosed in braces, or curly brackets. SirsiDynix Symphony searches only the specified entries/fields represented by this abbreviated name.


Any searchable keyword index external/internal synonym can be entered.

See the following list of SirsiDynix Symphony equivalent search fields for keyword indexes. These tags are most effective when conducting a general index search.



MARC Fields



100, 110, 111, 505(subfield r), 700, 710, 711



130, 245, 246, 440, 505(subfield t), 730, 740

Periodical Title


245, 246, 780, 785



600, 610, 611, 630, 650, 651, 655, 690, 691



400, 410, 411, 440, 490, 800, 810, 811, 830, 840

For example, to find any materials with the author Charles Dickens, enter a General search with the following text.

Dickens {AU}     or     Dickens {100}

SirsiDynix Symphony locates items by searching all of the MARC entry fields represented by the keyword index synonym, AU. In this example, SirsiDynix Symphony searches the 100, 110, 111, 505r, 700, 710, and 711 entry tags for Dickens.




*Searches in the Enterprise public catalog may not conform to these identified fields.