Creating Holdable Book Club Kit Records

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Search WYLD for an existing book club kit record for the title you wish to add. If there is already a book

club kit record, use it and add your library’s specific information to that record.


If there isn’t already a book club kit record in WYLD, use the Duplicate Title wizard to copy the record of the title you need, to create the bibliographic record for the book club kit. If that title isn’t already in WYLD, import the record from OCLC or LC.


If an original record has to be created, include the tags shown here.


Edit the record as described below to create the single book club kit record.


Retain the 001 tag, replace any prefix before the number.

Replace the ocm/ocn designation that was before the number with the code: WYLD

Where it used to be: ocm41580492, it is now changed to: WYLD41580492

A record from LC has no prefix before the number: 18534988, so add it: WYLD18534988

A record created through original cataloging needs to have the 001 tag added with a unique number

preceded by the WYLD code. Example: WYLD20608266

This designation before the number is an important element in making these records holdable.

***If there is no 001 tag, create one by using the number in the auto-generated control tab, and adding

WYLD before it.  Example: Title Control Number: a2176544 becomes 001 WYLD2176544


Remove the 010 (LC number) and all the 020 (ISBN) tags. These are SmartPort match points and since SmartPORT settings vary, it is important to avoid any possibility that these book club kit records would be overlaid.


Remove the 035 tag. This is another SmartPort match point.



Add to the 245 tag the simple indication [book club kit] immediately after subfield a.

Do not add additional 245 library specific information. Do not add the GMD for kit or any other designations that also indicate this record is for a book club kit.

 Example: 245 10 Where rivers change direction [book club kit] /|cMark Spragg.

The phrase is in square brackets but not entered as a GMD so there is no |h (subfield h).


Add the 246 alternate title of Book club kits.

 Example: 246 3 Book club kits

That’s first indicator 3, blank second indicator.


Add the 250 tag for Book club kit.

 Example: 250 Book club kit.


Leave the 300 tag as it is. Do not add library specific information to this tag, or replace the physical description with other kit information.

 Example: 300 267 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm.


Add the 490 series tag.

 Example: 490 1 Multiple titles for book club discussion groups.

That’s first indicator 1; blank second indicator.

Repeat the same information of the 490 tag into an 830 tag.

 Example: 830 0 Multiple titles for book club discussion groups.

That’s blank first indicator, second indicator: zero


Enter generic information that can be applied to all holdings libraries in the first 500 tag.

 Example: 500 Entire kit must be checked out. Please ask librarian for assistance in locating these



Add 500 tag with specific library information and identify it with the library's name. Add libraries in

alphabetical order. These multiple tags display in WYLDCAT.

  Example: 500 NATRONA: Multiple volumes plus looseleaf pages in a canvas bookbag. Kit includes 6-12

books, discussion questions, author biographies, suggested further reading, and list of other books by the same author.

  Example: 500 SHERIDAN: Multiple volumes plus binder of looseleaf pages in a canvas bookbag. Each kit contains 10 books, discussion questions, author biographies and suggested further reading.

Add the 650 subject heading for Book clubs (Discussion groups) as the first subject heading so it is easy to find and not added multiple times.

The first indicator is blank, second indicator is zero.

  Example: 650 0 Book clubs (Discussion groups)


Save the bibliographic record.

Add holdings. Do not use |z (subfield z) in the call number.


Delete holdings and bibliographic record when appropriate.


Delete item specific information (500 tag) in bibliographic record when deleting library holdings if bib record will not be deleted.

Example MARC Record: Where rivers change direction

WYLDCAT hit list view

WYLDCAT item details view

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