Add a Brief Title in Circulation

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Add a Brief Title 

Add Brief Title is used when you need to circulate an item that has not been fully cataloged, or does not need to be fully cataloged. This wizard creates a brief record (brief title, call number, or item to the catalog)  to circulate the item. When discharged, the item can be routed to cataloging so that the full record can replace the brief record, if a full record is needed. 

The Add Brief Title wizard is located under the Items group of wizards in the Circulation Toolbar.  You may need to set your properties before you use this wizard. See properties directions below. 

  1. Click on 'Add Brief Title' Wizard to create an ONTHEFLY record
  2. A window with a template will open. This template can be modified/customized in the properties setting. See the directions below for more on this
  3. Enter the information for the prompts selected
  4. Click on the 'Add Brief Title' button to save changes and display the complete window

Note: It is important to change the default title (245 tag) to the title for the item being checkout. It is difficult to verify that a user has an item checked out if no valid title is provided. A valid call number and item ID (library barcode on item) should be entered if that information is available.  



  1. Right-click on 'Add Brief Title' 
  2. Choose properties 
  3. Set defaults values on the Defaults Tab


  • Format: ONTHFLLY
  • Use Entries: SELECTED ENTRIES [this sets the template for what values  are placed in the brief title template]
  • Specific tags can be entered in the data well below. Recommending options for a brief title is ISBN (020), Author (100), Title (245). More can be added if desired.
  • TypeItem type ONTHEFLY 
  • Library: Your library’s code
  • Home location: CATALOGING [this will route the item to the cataloging/tech department to be made into a permanent title in the collection or for the brief title to be deleted entirely.
  • Format, Type, and Home location can all be used in reports to find these specific materials  


  1. Next Select Behaviors Tab
  2. Set defaults as recommended below:

  • Auto-generate item ID when adding item 


  • Class scheme
  • Call Number
  • Library
  • Item Type
  • Home Location
  • Item ID
  • Item Category 1
  • Item Category 2
  • Item Category 3
  • Item Category 4
  • Item Category 5
  • At end of Wizard
  • Show Checked buttons


  • Add Another Brief Title
  • Make More Changes
  • Close

Note:  The “ISXN warnings” setting enables the system to alert you if an invalid ISBN or ISSN has been entered. It will still accept the invalid ISBN; it just lets you know it is invalid. Although this is a worthwhile feature to have on permanent records, determine for yourself if you wish to have this feature activated in this wizard for the creation of temporary records. 

3. Click the OK button when finished setting properties.  

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