WYLD Office: Frequent Questions about Due Dates & Calendars


Modifying Due Dates

It happens…  You forgot to update your calendar to include a closed day and now materials are coming due on that day.

The WYLD Office can run a report to update any existing due dates to a new due date of your choosing, e.g. the next open day after the closure.   

We can also assist you in updating your library calendar, but any changes to your calendar will take an overnight process to go into effect.  For this reason, you may want to wait until the next day to have the WYLD Office run the modify due date report.  You can also edit due dates at the time of checkout for the rest of the day.

Patrons are not notified of the change in the original due date.

*** See the technote titled ‘Maintaining Your Library’s Calendar’ for instructions on how to manage your closed dates ****


Special note for academic and school libraries using Fixed Due Dates (also called Semester Loans)

The Fixed Due Date is used by the system to shorten the due dates of materials when the end of term is earlier than the regular loan period normally would be.  Patron profiles are set to either honor the library’s fixed due date or not.  For example, you may want staff loans to continue on a normal due date schedule, but have all materials loaned to students have a due date that precedes the end of the school year.

The WYLD Office must update any Semester/Fixed Due Dates for libraries. Only one fixed loan period can be assigned per library.  

This loan period should be updated after the end of the semester (or school year).  E.g. The end of semester if May 15th.  A new end of semester due date should be requested from the WYLD Office after May 15th.    


What else might cause the system to shorten loan periods for a user?

If a patron’s library card has an expiration date that is sooner than the regular loan period, the system will shorten the loan period to correspond to the user’s expiration date.

If you have requested special loan periods in your circulation map, then those dates may be applied rather than the regular loan period, depending on the circumstances.