Quickstart Guide to BLUEcloud Analytics

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What can I do in BLUEcloud Analytics?

  • View and run reports in the Shared Reports folder;
  • Save personal copies of reports to the My Reports folder;
  • Schedule and share reports;     
  • Print reports; and
  • Export reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, and plain text format.

If you do not see a report in the Shared Reports folder suited to your library needs, please contact the WYLD office, and we can create a custom report for you.

What you should know about BCA

Attributes (Fields)

Fields (what BCA calls attributes) have different labels in BCA than Workflows. 

Here are some examples:

WorkFlows name              BCA name

Home Location                  Item Collection                  

Current Location               Item Status   

Attributes in Circulation Reports

In circ reports, you will see attributes that begin with “Trans Stat”. This indicates the data came from the Transactions Statistics data table. Other examples of data tables include Bill, Catalog, Checkouts, Hold, Item, and User. 

Transactions Stat attributes in circ reports:

Trans Stat Home Location -> Item home location 

Trans Stat Current Location-> Item current location 

Trans Stat Command Desc -> the Symphony command used to create the stat 


  • Charge Item Part B -> charge or checkout transaction
  • Renew Item -> Renewals 
  • Renew User Part B -> Renewals
  • Use Item -> Transactions made by the Mark Item Used wizard in WorkFlows

Running a Report

BCA link: https://noam-bca-2.bc.sirsidynix.net/bcanalytics/asp/Main.aspx

  1. After logging in, click on the folder ‘BCA WYLD’.
  2. From the menu on the left-hand side of the page, click on the folder ‘Shared Reports’.
  3. Folders within ‘Shared Reports’ are based on the type of statistics. Click on the folder to open it.
  4. Click on the report you wish to run. You might want to start off with a report in the ‘Circulation Statistics’ folder, such as the ‘Circulation by item type/, home location, and item categories’ report located in the FY JUL-JUN folder.
  5. Answer the prompts by moving your selections from the left window to the right window.
  6. Click ‘Run Report’ on the bottom left-hand side of the page.

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